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The Dramatic and Inspirational Story of Dr. John
And Dot Mooney that makes the Famed Narrative,
"Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf" read like a fairytale

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Are you looking for a love story that warms your heart, a powerful story that touches your soul and at the same time, an answer to a life-threatening problem that may be affecting you, your family or your friends and neighbors? Then "When Two Loves Collide" is a MUST read.

While a compelling and moving drama, "When Two Loves Collide" also focuses on the life-threatening diseases of alcoholism and drug addiction that currently affect more than 44 million Americans, young and old alike. And since every addict impacts the lives of at least five other people-spouses, family, friends, neighbors-more than 200 million people in this country alone are affected by addiction.

Learn what you can do about it. Read this inspiring story and experience the great legacy of hope and recovery Dr. John Mooney and his wife Dot left to the world.


Captain John Mooney, Jr. M.D. was a heroic Army surgeon in World War II, highly decorated for saving thousands of maimed and dying solders despite being wounded himself. He came home from the battlefield unknowingly addicted to the alcohol and drugs he took to kill his own pain.

The beautiful nurse he married also loved to drink and party. Soon their passionate love for each other collided with their passionate love for their addictions, creating sheer chaos in their lives. Drunken brawls filled their three young sons with fear and their neighbors with deep concern.

The couple not only lost almost everything near and dear to them, but John also went to Federal prison on felony drug charges. It was in prison that he found the solution to his problem, shared it with his wife and together they carried the message of hope and recovery to others, saving thousands of lives. Some called it a "miracle." John and Dot were convinced it was.


WILLIAM G BORCHERT is an Emmy nominated screenwriter who wrote the movies "My Name Is Bill W." starring James Garner and James Woods and "When Love Is Not Enough" starring Winona Ryder and Barry Pepper. He has also written a number of books including, "The Lois Wilson Story: When Love Is Not Enough," "Sought Through Prayer and Meditation," "50 Miracles That Changed Lives," and "1,000 Years of Sobriety."

Bill is an entertaining and informative speaker, carrying his own message of recovery to medical groups, college campuses, large business organizations and recovery conventions across the country. Bill is also a Trustee of the non-profit Willingway Foundation in Statesboro, Georgia that sponsors and supports college students in recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction and also holds workshops to help educate and fight against the stigma of addiction. He lives with his lovely wife, Bernadette, in Little River, South Carolina.


"Recovery is the road back to integrity and dignity, to self-love and the love of others. "When Two Loves Collide" is an incredibly inspirational story and a touching and beautiful legacy."

Claudia Black, nationally known addiction specialist and author of many books including, "It Will Never Happen To Me."

"There are few people in the recovery movement who have done more to help alcoholics and drug addicts than Dr. John Mooney and his lovely wife, Dot Mooney. After finding sobriety for themselves, they dedicated the rest of their lives to helping others get well. In 1976, NCADD was honored to have Dr. Mooney as part of 'Operation Understanding' to reduce the stigma of alcoholism. Thank you William G Borchert for telling their powerful and inspirational story. It is long overdue."

Robert J. Lindsey, President/CEO
National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD)

Willam G Borchert can be reached at

William G Borchert
Phone: 843-855-9747

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