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Screenwriter of "My Name is Bill W." The most watched television movie ever made.

Literary critics are saying that although deeply intimate and uncomfortable at times,
"How I Became My Father...A Drunk" is "irresistable, uplifting and inspiring".

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This new book tells the dramatic, almost unbelievable love story of one family trapped in the devastating and incomprehensible malady of addiction. They suffer from a disease that reaches into the very core of the alcoholic and the family, destroying their most precious possessions-love, faith, trust, confidence and finally hope.

The journey focuses initially on the growing anger and hatred addiction creates between a father and son that soon inundates the entire family. From a young age the son tries to escape his environment, even seeking the serenity of a seminary to find relief. But little does he know that the traits of his drunken father whom he swears he will never be like are already churning inside of him.

Despite his significant success in the media world, alcohol soon invades the son's life. Like his father, he drinks away every promising new opportunity that comes his way, bringing pain and confusion into the life of his own wife and children and all those around him. Every glitter of hope is seemingly lost as growing despair leads to near devastation.

Then, when all seems lost, the miracle of recovery gradually restores torn relationships and emotional health. It shows that hope and love do spring eternal and that addicts and their families can find a wonderful new life in sobriety.

There are more than 44,000,000 alcoholics and drug addicts in the United States alone according to the U.S. Department of Health and Social Services and the American Medical Association. Each addict affects at least eight other people in their lives-spouses, parents, siblings, other relatives and close friends as well as co-workers. That means more than 200,000,000 Americans are impacted by this deadly disease. You may know one of them. If so, please tell them this book could well show them the way to recovery and a life beyond their wildest dreams.


This is a book I had no intention of writing for many reasons, mainly because I dislike thinking about or dwelling upon uncomfortable situations. And while I know the past can often be our greatest asset, it can also be our greatest source of pain and regret if we wallow in it.

I didn't seriously consider tackling this formidable project until several close friends convinced me that since this is a story that goes beyond anger and remorse to hope and recovery, it could help many people still mired in the malady of addiction.

For quite some time now I have tried to be willing to go to any length to carry the message of recovery in any way possible. Like so many others who do the same, I get great joy from this pursuit. So, after a considerable period of prayer, meditation and conversation, I decided to embark on this challenging journey.

I invite you to take this journey with me.


WILLIAM G BORCHERT is an Emmy nominated screenwriter who wrote the movies "My Name Is Bill W." starring James Garner and James Woods and "When Love Is Not Enough" starring Winona Ryder and Barry Pepper. He has also written a number of books including, "The Lois Wilson Story: When Love Is Not Enough," "Sought Through Prayer and Meditation," "50 Miracles That Changed Lives," and "1,000 Years of Sobriety."

Bill is an entertaining and informative speaker, carrying his own message of recovery to medical groups, college campuses, large business organizations and recovery conventions across the country. Bill is also a Trustee of the non-profit Willingway Foundation in Statesboro, Georgia that sponsors and supports college students in recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction and also holds workshops to help educate and fight against the stigma of addiction. He lives with his lovely wife, Bernadette, in Stratford, Connecticut.


"I want to congratulate my good friend, Bill Borchert, for writing another courageous story that will help many people, especially families, find their way out of the pain and confusion caused by the addiction to alcohol. I was proud to work with Bill when we made a movie together called "My Name Is Bill W." It was the start of Bill's attempt to help alcoholics find their way to recovery. I am especially pleased with his new book since it will help so many. Bravo, my friend." James Woods, Oscar-nominated and Golden Globe and Emmy Award winning actor.

"You need not be a member of the recovering community to be deeply touched by Bill Borchert's writing. His chronicles of Alcoholics Anonymous co-founders journey in his movie "My Name Is Bill W." and the equally insightful and humanizing story of Lois Wilson in "When Love Is Not Enough" were gifts to us all. "How I Became My Father...A Drunk", his most personal of recollections, I'm sure will entertain and enlighten as it builds a bridge to understanding the disease of alcoholism, the damage it does to the entire family and the elegance of recovery, hope for the hopeless and the healing power of forgiveness." Paul Williams, actor and Oscar and Grammy-award winning song writer

"Bill Borchert's dramatic and heart-wrenching new book deftly describes the often crazy, unpredictable and tragic lives of those growing up with an actively alcoholic parent, how the children are impacted and how some may unwittingly follow the same path. Happily in this case Bill also shares the joy of recovery for himself, his dad and their families. This is a great read for anyone impacted in any way by the disease of alcoholism or anyone who simply enjoys a dramatic, somewhat painful yet marvelous story." Andrew Pucher, President, The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence.

"By the luck of my DNA I can enjoy a perfect gin martini without becoming my father, a drunk. Like Bill Borchert, my father was also an alcoholic, but rather than following in his footsteps, I shunned and disowned him, and my sorrow is that I never knew my father as a sober man. In 1988, as Vice President of Movies and Miniseries at Warner Brothers Television, a producer friend of mine dropped a 200-page script on my desk and told me to read it right away. It was the story of Bill Wilson, the co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous written by William G Borchert, and it was the answer to years of development and disappointment in finding a script that did justice to the subject matter. With only minor editing, we attached actors James Woods, James Garner and JoBeth Williams and with the support of the Hallmark Hall of Fame, the movie "My Name Is Bill W." was produced and became the most watched television movie in history. Bill now tells his own personal story in his new book, "How I Became My Father...A Drunk" with an intimate and honest portrayal of a father and son succumbing to the disease of alcoholism, independently finding their ways through a twelve-step program, trusting in a Higher Power and coming together as sober men at the ages of twenty-eight and fifty-six. This remarkable family drama will touch the minds and hearts of millions of readers whether or not their personal lives have been impacted, maimed or destroyed by alcohol, or they've been blessed by recovery." Norman Stephens, Emmy and Peabody Award-winning producer

William G Borchert can be reached at

William G Borchert
Phone: 843-855-9747

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