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The word is already out about this exciting new book co-authored by William G Borchert and Michael Fitzpatrick. It depicts in clear and undeniable terms how the miracle of recovery from the disease of alcoholism works in the lives of once lost and hopeless people.

"1,000 Years of Sobriety" features the moving personal accounts of twenty men and women from around the world who have each remained sober more than fifty years and are still active in helping others find recovery. These are real 'old timers', keepers of the solution, proclaimers of the Twelve Steps to a new and sober life.

This new book tells the moving stories of these men and women who are among the dwindling generations who joined Alcoholics Anonymous when its co-founder Bill W. was still alive, and whose very commitment to sobriety is a testament to the enduring power of the program.

The inspiring accounts collected here follow the time-tested formula used by the millions of people who share their hope-filled stories in AA meetings every day. They tell what they were like as active alcoholics, what triggered their decision to join AA, and the dramatic details of how they got sober - and how they've stayed sober for more than fifty years. Each of their stories concludes with suggestions based on painful experience for others in recovery.

Perhaps the book is best summed up in the foreward written by another long-time and very respected member of the AA fellowship, Sandy B.

Sought Through Prayer and Meditation
By Geno W. with William G Borchert

In our daily practice of prayer and meditation, how often have we been moved by a particular thought or postulate, something that touched us deeply? In that special moment, our soul was swayed, our spiritual aura and insight uplifted, only to have that marvelous experience drift from our consciousness a short time later and be gone completely before day’s end.

Perhaps if that same thought or concept were there in our next day’s meditation and the day after that, we would more likely be able to savor its insight in even greater depth. This could then provide the opportunity for such an experience to become a true wellspring for our spiritual condition, a sturdy linchpin in our recovery.

This special book, based on the chronicles from the Hour of Power Eleventh Step meditation meetings originated and conducted by Geno W., cofounder of the well-known Wolfe Street Center in Little Rock, Arkansas, is designed to provide just such an opportunity. It offers spiritual thoughts and postulates that can be meditated on for an entire week, thus giving the reader the occasion to probe deeply into the awesome power of the Eleventh Step of Alcoholics Anonymous and other Twelve Step programs.

It is, in a sense, patterned after the Twelve Step program of Alcoholics Anonymous itself, in which constant repetition of its concepts and principles builds a strong foundation for sobriety. So too can the thoughtful repetition of specific spiritual concepts reinforce that foundation and enable one to build a strong spiritual life based on a "conscious contact with God as we understood Him"—the only certain solution to the disease of addiction.

The purpose of this book, then, is to enhance our practice of the Eleventh Step in our daily prayers and meditation. If we are vigilant in that pursuit, the program of AA promises we will soon see a glimpse of that ultimate reality, which is the kingdom of God.

50 Quiet Miracles That Changed Lives
By William G Borchert

Many of us dream of witnessing a real miracle, an awe-inspiring divine intervention that changes the course of our lives and heightens our belief in a personal and loving God. Yet, we are often so fixated on the idea of an awesome event that we somehow overlook the quiet little miracles that happen to each of us every day.

The stories collected by veteran author William G Borchert in "50 Quiet Miracles" come in all shapes and forms, as unexpected phone calls, chance meetings, and missed plane reservations. They are small enough to simply produce a warm glow and dramatic enough to create awe and wonder.

A young father of five witnesses his burning home being saved by bearded strangers with fire extinguishers who put out the fire and then disappear. A diamond miner in South Africa barely avoids a deadly crash when he is pushed out of a packed elevator at the last minute. A chance meeting with a young girl leads a woman to the apartment of her closest childhood friend, now dying of AIDS. She helps her friend regain spiritual strength and becomes a surrogate mother to the child.

If we allow ourselves to look beyond the glow and focus on the wonder, we will recognize that, in moments such as these, we are in the presence of God.

William G Borchert
Phone: 843-855-9747